Devan Perumal

Devan Perumal is a seasoned business leader with over 25 years of experience in various domains of the industry. 

As the Managing Director of ElectroNexus, he has played a crucial role in the success of the company. He assumed the position of MD in 2022, after leading the company through the tumultuous times of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Devan’s expertise lies in supply chain management, logistics, and management. He has spent over 15 years mastering the intricacies of supply chain management, and his experience has been instrumental in driving the growth of Electronexus. 

He has also spent a decade in logistics, where he has honed his skills in managing complex operations and ensuring the timely delivery of goods. 

In the last five years, Devan has focused on management, where he has demonstrated his exceptional leadership skills and strategic acumen.

Devan’s leadership at ElectroNexus has been characterised by a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. 

He has led the company through a period of rapid growth and transformation, and his unwavering commitment to quality has enabled ElectroNexus to establish itself as a leader in the industry. His ability to inspire and motivate teams has been a key driver of the company’s success.

Devan is widely recognised as an expert in his field, and he is deeply committed to the development of the industry. 

Devan is an avid reader in his free time and enjoys exploring new places. He is also actively involved in various charitable activities, and his philanthropic endeavours have touched many people’s lives. 

Devan is a true leader; his vision and passion inspire everyone.